Step into the skin of a wild wolf


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WolfQuest is a free didactic video game that was developed by the Minnesota Zoo to help you understand the gray wolf's behavior in its natural habitat. More specifically, the game allows you to take the shape of one of the wolves and explore the iconic Yellowstone park reserve.

Once you have used a character editor to create your wolf, you can move freely throughout the game's enormous landscape, hunting, resting and defending yourself from dangerous animals to survive. Deer, coyotes, elk and wild bears are some of the many different animals you will encounter.

Finally, you will be able to interact with other wolves, trying to become the leader of the pack and finding a mate in order to have cubs. In order to do all of this, you have to complete the tasks mentioned above in order to increase your animal's experience first.

WolfQuest has a single-player mode as well as an online multi-player mode where you can interact with other wolves on limited capacity servers. There, you can use a chat function with predefined actions to communicate with the others using gestures.

In order to access the online multi-player mode, you have to register (for free) at the project's official web page.

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