Stupid Zombies 3


The dumbest zombies ever are here, again


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In Stupid Zombies 3, the third part of the popular game franchise for Android, the objective is to shoot as many zombies using the least amount of bullets possible.

The gameplay is almost identical to the other versions. Sliding your finger across the screen allows you to aim your weapon and removing it makes you shoot. The bullets will bounce around the level, killing all the zombies they hit.

In this version of Stupid Zombies you'll find more than 100 zombie-filled levels. Luckily, all the zombies are pretty stupid (as the name of the game suggests), meaning they won't do anything other than wait for you to kill them.

In Stupid Zombies 3 you'll find three different characters, each of them equipped with a unique weapon. The male character uses his faithful shotgun, while the female character has a flare gun. The innocent grandma is armed with a destructive grenade launcher.

Stupid Zombies 3 is a very fun action arcade game that has nice graphics and a ton of different levels.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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