Shopee TH


A Shopee version mainly geared towards the Thai market


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Shopee TH is the official app of the online store with the same name, one of the giants of online shopping, especially in southeastern Asia. Only other giants such as Amazon or Alibaba can compete with this Indonesian giant as far as sales go. This version of the app is geared towards the Thai market.

The Shopee TH interface was designed so that you can start to shop in a matter of seconds. On the main page you can view popular items from each category but you can also access the rest of the categories from the upper right side of the screen.

The catalog in Shopee TH is huge and you can find anything from the latest smartphones, bicycle tools, all kids of gadgets or night gowns. The best part is that all the items are usually pretty cheap.

Shopee TH is an excellent shopping app that’s ideal to buy different items with this retail giant directly from your Android smartphone. You definitely need this app if you don’t live in Thailand.

Android 4.0 or greater is required.

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