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It is not only once that you have wanted to know when did you take that photograph you like or where it was taken. That is why we offer you today the possibility to know all the info stored in your photos.

Next to all digital still cameras record information about the photo in it, apart from taking the photograph itself. That information remains inaccessible to common users, but thanks to Picture Information Extractor you will be able to access it and know more about your photos.

It is extremely easy to use. You only have to choose the file you want and click it. Automatically, you will see how that data you wanted to know appears right down the photo: date, time, zoom, flash intensity,...

Finally we can use it to rename lots of photos at the same time or to extract photos from our digital camera.

Because of all his, Picture Information Extractor becomes a powerful tool which can be really helpful when you arrive from holidays.
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