Kakao T


A great app to travel around the city by car


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Kakao T is a Korean app that you can use to book a driver to take you from one point of the city to another. But that's not all, the app also helps you find a parking lot and gives you a real-time traffic report.

The Kakao T interface is pretty simple and clearly shows you all the features available in the app. To start using Kakao T, you have to enter your location and in a few seconds, you can find a vehicle that'll take you to your destination. Similarly to Uber or Cabify, Kakao T also offers you the driver's information.

Kakao T includes other features such as parking information and real-time traffic reports. On the other hand, you can also publish your trip and share the expenses with other users.

If you want an app that can help you travel around the city in a really comfortable and efficient way, Kakao T offers you the most traffic-related information in your city.

Android 4.1 or greater is required.