Jungel Adventure


A fun platformer that'll take you back to the days of Super Mario Bros


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Jungel Adventure is a 2D platformer that's obviously inspired by Super Mario Bros: the main character is a man wearing coveralls, a hat, and a bushy mustache and has to travel through a world filled with turtles and deadly animals as well as bricks and coins. Along with its similar visual aspects, the gameplay and the level development is almost exactly the same as the famous game.

Your character has to advance without being able to retrace his steps along a tortuous tropical trail. Your objective is simple. Collect the most coins possible before you get killed by a killer slug or a bad-tempered turtle. However, in Jungel Adventure, you have a little help: your character can shoot at all the obstacles he finds (even spikes) and also has a magnet to make the coins come closer, and a shield to protect himself from enemies. These last two accessories only work for a limited time, but you can activate them as many times as you want.

As you play, you can visit various levels spread throughout different worlds. In each one, you'll find different enemies, although your main enemies are the platforms, jumps, and drop-offs. Jungel Adventure isn't the most original 2D platformer around, but it's definitely a good time, nonetheless.
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