Funky Bay - Farm & Adventure game


Rebuild the old farm, buy animals, and earn loads of resources


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Funky Bay - Farm & Adventure game is a marvelous management game, in which you help a couple that just moved to the old family farm. Upon arriving, they discover that the farm is in ruins and must be restored before it can start producing resources. Restore the farm to its former glory to earn resources and upgrade all its buildings!

But you'll have to clean the place up first: restore the main house, plant berries in the garden and wheat in the field, etc. After that, you'll soon have enough money to build a barn, and buy and feed chickens. Eventually you'll make enough resources to upgrade your house and expand your farm over the entire property.

Funky Bay - Farm & Adventure is the perfect game for anyone who's dreamed of moving to the countryside and transforming a run-down farm into a fun and lively estate. On top of that, its has super addictive gameplay and great graphics.

Requires Android 4.0 or previous versions

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