Firefox ScreenshotGo


Easily take and organize screenshots of your Android device


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Firefox ScreenshotGo is a Mozilla app that not only makes it very easy to take screenshots of your Android device, but also neatly organizes them all.

Before using Firefox ScreenshotGo, you'll have to give the app the necessary permissions so it can function normally. After that, the app displays a floating button on your device's screen, that enables you to take a screenshot by simply tapping on it. Not only that, the button can be moved around so it's always in the least bothersome area of the screen, or removed when you're done taking screenshots.

As well as offering an easy way to capture your screen, Firefox ScreenshotGo also organizes all those images. Either organize your screenshots using the app's default categories, or create your own to organize your images however you wish.

Firefox ScreenshotGo is the ideal app for anyone who often takes screenshots. Easily take -and organize- screenshots of your Android device with this useful app.
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